UKIP on the march; a victory for scum.

So last night a reasonably large portion of the British public went to the polls…

Actually turnout was around 25-30% in most places and most of the country didn’t have the option.  I’ll start again.

Last night some of the British public went to the polls.  Of those who felt it was worth turning up, an unsurprisingly small amount, a fair few of them decided to vote for the UK Independence Party (UKIP).  UKIP are now, arguably, an important force in British politics so it’s probably worth looking at some of their policies.

Hang on, it says here that they’re against political correctness?  Urgh.

Right, first of all; yes, there are probably some aspects of political correctness which have lost sight of their original purpose.  Often these are the result of well meaning people trying their best to make sense of the somewhat nebulous rules about language that political correctness demands.  These aberrations are short term, silly and rare (the infamous ban on the nursery rhyme ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ was confined to Birmingham City Council and lasted for less than a month, for example) but the adverse publicity they attract is enormous.  They are blips in a complex and permanently evolving system that has done far more good than harm.

The good political correctness has done is much more important, it has helped shaped the world you live in and the way you think for the better for the last thirty years.  You can’t use racial slurs any more.  It is unacceptable to discriminate on the grounds of race.  Calling a homosexual a ‘poof’ or a ‘queer’ is not allowed.

Political correctness tries to ensure that women don’t have to fear being molested by their coworkers, gay people can walk down the road hand-in-hand with their partners and that foreign nationals are given the same respect as British citizens.  It’s important.

If you fight against political correctness because you’d heard that some council somewhere was getting rid of Christmas or that the call to prayer was going to be broadcast across the city centre every day at five in the morning then just remember what you’re actually fighting against.  UKIP want to live in a world where black people know their place, gay people have to hide in shame and women have to laugh off being groped.  If you agree with that then may the Gods help you.

Because I fucking won’t.