The Reckless Denial of the English.

Antifa logo   Today my fiancé experienced her second instance of racist abuse in two weeks. We’re not in Thanet, UKIP’s heartland, or in some run-down, let down, abandoned northern town, we’re in Bristol, widely considered a bastion of left-wing liberalism. So what the hell is going on?
  Brexit is going on.
  I’m white and male and of slightly above average height, I don’t get abuse shouted at me in the street very often. My fiancé is black, and small, and female, and shitheads seem to think it’s okay to shout abuse at her.
  Racism’s always existed in this country, of course. I’ve heard people say things and been with my fiancé long enough to know that particular form of stupidity has been alive and well for my whole life. But it’s getting worse, not better, and Brexit is to blame.
  The referendum did uncork a previously pent up bigotry. It did embolden the feeble-minded scum who think their lives would be wonderful if it wasn’t for all these people of colour around the place. My fiancé was at the job centre, simultaneously signing on and off (she got herself a job before the first meeting with a support worker was even due, and good on her) when a man decided he should shout racist things and declare his support for the EDL. The ‘logic’ was simple: she was about to be given the benefits to which she is entitled and his meeting wasn’t going well. Ordinarily I’d have a problem with the sanctions regime of the DWP, but in this instance good. I hope he’s hungry tonight.
  Today a man lurked outside her office and shouted the n-word through the window. A word used to dehumanise and degrade black people since the birth of colonialism. People who use that word are racist, full stop, there’s no pretending they have issues with sovereignty or concerns around immigration, they’re just the most repulsive kind of bigot.
  Brexit has done this. Nigel Farage, a man who campaigns with Nazi inspired posters and makes speeches for racist Alabaman paedophiles and speaks at rallies for far-right parties in Germany, of all places, is racist. Putting him on television and letting his racism go unchallenged for years is complicity in racism. Pretending the racists in UKIP were ever anything other than poisonous fascists left a vacuum, and when it became too obvious that they were irredeemable racists Farage found a new party to jump into. That party has no policies, it has no manifesto, it just has Nigel Farage, a man who campaigns with Nazi inspired posters and makes speeches for racist Alabaman paedophiles and speaks at rallies for far-right parties in Germany, and his name recognition.
  You want Brexit? Whatever, you’re a damned fool, but if you vote for the Brexit party or UKIP or you think Farage is worth listening to or grubby racist views should be platformed on our national broadcasting service then you’re also supporting the man who supports the EDL at the job centre, and the man who shouts slurs to intimidate people who don’t look like him. There’s no excuse, you’re complicit. You. The Brexit party voter. You. The person who says accusing people of racism is counterproductive if they’re doing anything less than goose stepping and sieg heiling towards you. You. The person who claims that Tommy Robinson makes some good points. You. The BBC Question Time commissioner who brings in Nigel Farage for the umpteenth time. You. The one who scoffs at the concerns of people of colour because you’re white and you’ve never experienced racism so how could anyone else? You. The person who still thinks the murder of Jo Cox was an aberration and not indicative of a deep and brewing problem. You. The person who complains about sovereignty and traitors and ‘genuine concerns about immigration.’ You. The person who lets the bastards pretend they aren’t racist and will keep on pretending because this is the nice, liberal England you grew up in and you don’t recognise it anymore and you’ve fooled yourself into believing that the warm and welcoming place you’re sure you remember is still there despite all the seething hate, somehow it’s just hidden from view behind the noise. You who says nothing. You who thinks it will all magically go away. You are complicit. You.