Excuses and explanations

The Anarcho-Goth is middle class, twenty-something English Literature graduate. The Anarcho-Goth has never had a ‘proper’ job. The Anarcho-Goth hates writing about himself in the third person. I live in Bristol in the South-West of England and will occasionally use a scattershot approach to capitalisation. I started this Blog on the insistence of my family. I spend a lot of time in pubs arguing drunkenly about politics with socialists. I like Absinthe, Bakunin (when he isn’t being anti-semitic), The Sisters of Mercy, Anarchist rhetoric, dance floors with Industrial music playing at deafening volumes and the overthrow of capitalism. I am not fond of tories. If you wish to contact me it’s best to leave a comment, putting my email address on this page seems like an invitation for spam to me.

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