A Well Deserved Dressing Down for Absolutely Everybody. Including You.

Yes, and me.

This is all your fault.

  I’m angry.  I’ve tried to calm down using music, booze and venting at a mirror but I can’t. Instead I’ve written a comprehensive telling off for everybody including you.  In the interested of making this readable in a timely manner I’ve limited myself to two sentences and no swearing, which was a hell of a challenge.  Read this and feel bad, you deserve to.

  Brexit voters:

  The Poor.

  I understand you’ve been messed around and despised by successive governments for decades now but which part of you decided ‘I know, I’ll mash my nose in to a fine paste with a heavy meat tenderiser to spite my face?’ The knee jerk reactionary part, that’s which, you damned fools.

  The Woman Who Said That She Voted to Leave the EU Because She ‘Didn’t See the Point in her Daughter Learning French’ Because, In Her Words, ‘She’s Never Going to Go There.’

  Merely repeating what you said is dressing down enough you utter, utter cretin.

  Cynical Appropriators of World War 2.

  Seventy year old conflicts from a time when the shape of world politics was absolutely unrecognisable are completely irrelevant and when you bring up either World War to argue about Brexit you, by implication, suggest that I dishonoured the memory of my grandfather’s distinguished service in the Navy fighting the Nazis by voting to remain.  How dare you.

  Blustering Morons.

  Being concerned about immigration may not always be racist but it is the sort of curtain twitching xenophobia I had hoped we’d left in the twentieth century.  Add to that the fact that we will need to take part in the common market in order to survive, which will also guarantee free movement of labour and so make no difference to immigration, and I hope you feel like the idiot you are.

  Remain Voters:

  Young People.

  The tiny number of you who voted overwhelmingly wanted to remain, the ones who didn’t bother deserve the hell they’re bringing down upon themselves.  And well done for failing to organise all those rallies before the vote when they might have actually made a difference.

  All Other Remain Voters, Including Me and, Probably, You.

  Where was your passion before the results were announced?  You failed to convince anyone because you didn’t even bother to try or, if you did, you failed to say anything remotely inspiring or interesting, idiot.


  David Cameron.

  Hey, you necro-porciphiliac, how’s that plan to unite the Tories by getting the European question answered once and for all doing?  Keep your shiny cheeks shut on the back benches, you abject failure.

  Boris Johnson.

  Hope you’re happy you jowly, mop headed, Beano character, look what you did.  Also you owe the country enough money to build a new hospital every month and I’m sorely tempted to try to find a way to take you to court to get it, liar.

  Theresa May.

  You’ve failed to show even the slightest concern for the failure of the remain campaign, the campaign of which you were a part, and as a result of your failure you’ve risen to the top by virtue of everyone else sinking down.  What a shameful, pointless Prime Ministership you’ve managed to grasp.



  Good man you may be but your complete inability to do anything but yell in to an echo chamber has destroyed all hope of anything ever getting any better.  I want a competent version of you in charge of the Labour party so that it can win elections, to most people a ‘movement’ is something you flush down the toilet.

  The Parliamentary Labour Party.

  He’s been fighting for this for forty years, his supporters are absolutely passionate and full throated and you’re bringing nothing to the table.  The fact that you thought a mass resignation could work just demonstrates how completely out of touch you are.


  Your tepid and simpering response to the disgusting, misogynistic, homophobic abuse I’ve seen some of you hurl at people online is repulsive and you should all be ashamed, saying ‘but they’re mean to us too’ is a pathetic excuse used to do nothing. Also you’re doing it wrong, a cult of personality is supposed to form around a person with an actual personality.

  The Press:

  The BBC.

  ‘Balance’ doesn’t mean inviting one pro-brexit economist on for every pro-remain economist any more than it means getting climate change deniers on to argue with other people who are actually correct.  I’m not sure what the point of reporting news actually is if facts, established actual facts, are ignored because the government of the day don’t like them.

  The Murdoch Papers.

  Three decades of howling about immigrants and whinging about the EU has got you what you wanted, well done, you’ve destroyed even the illusion of democracy in order to serve Darth Murdoch.  You might be the worst people in this, you bunch of race baiting filth.

  UKIP and Other Racists:

  Nigel Farage.

  You said ‘not a bullet was fired’ in order to achieve a ‘revolution,’ forgetting Jo Cox’s murder which was absolutely the result of your mendacious campaign clearing a path for the sort of racism you’ve always pretended to disavow.  Now you’ve vanished because you already know how terrible the storm that’s coming is going to be, well done Wormtongue.

  Every other racist.

  Slope off and rot in your hovels, dogs.  In the 21st Century the only excuse for actual, full blown racism is genuine cranial trauma, otherwise you’re the sort of simpering coward who fears anything they don’t expect.


europe-burning_1    Okay, I need to write something comprehensive about this disaster and I couldn’t figure out how to do it.  Partly because it’s incredibly complex but mostly because this entire country has gone insane and nobody can figure out what’s happening or how the hell to get out of this mess.  Honestly I would only be a little bit surprised if, by the time I publish this, the Queen had dissolved parliament and was directly ruling the country for a bit while our political parties found a way to stop exploding.

  If you’re apolitical or coming to this blog from another part of the world you’re probably looking for answers.  I am going to try to explain this one bit at a time because there’s no other way to do it without writing a novel.

  The Right Wing Press.

  For thirty years or so almost all of the newspapers in this country, which are effectively owned by a Machiavellian old right wing Australian and a few tax exiles, have demonised and rubbished the EU.  They have given the impression that it’s an undemocratic, bloated empire and we have somehow surrendered to it.  This isn’t true but economics is complicated and pouring money in to poor areas doesn’t create headlines that can sell newspapers on slow news days.  The unelected media barons have done a very good job of blaming the EU for all the problems their right wing friends in government have created, more recently they decided to blame refugees as well.  Their lies have played an enormous role in shaping public opinion and stoking racism and the leave campaigns were happy to run with it.  They don’t care, they are happy to tell people that division is strength, hatred is unity and our friends and allies are our enemies.  They are the scum of the earth.

  The Poor ‘Leave’ Voters.

  The overwhelming majority of people who voted to leave are neither racist nor stupid nor xenophobic.  They are the poor and disenfranchised.  In the North East of England, for instance, the leave campaign won with enormous majorities because those areas of the country have been ignored, marginalised and ruined by years of successive governments.  I’m not saying the people there didn’t want to leave, I’m saying that they quite reasonably saw the political parties of Westminster and the bureaucrats in Brussels as a bunch of establishment tossers that either sees them as an electoral resource or couldn’t give a toss about them depending how far away the next election is.  They aren’t wrong.

  The Defrauded ‘Leave’ Voters.

  The leave campaigns, both of them, have now admitted that their two key promises were lies.  They said they would have an extra £350 million per week to give to the NHS in the event of Brexit, which was an outright lie.  They also said they would be able to reduce immigration because the EU has imposed the free movement of labour on the UK, but there’s no way we can get out of that for various complicated reasons to do with trade agreements which I won’t bore you with here.  Nothing these people thought they were voting for was what they were actually voting for.  They were lied to.  When a political party backtracks on its manifesto pledges they can be punished for it at the next election, when it is a once in a lifetime referendum the voters have been defrauded forever.  Many of these people are the ones displaying ‘buyer’s remorse’ now, and getting quite animated at the con they’ve been subjected to.

  The Racist ‘Leave’ Voters.

  There are more of them than the right wing acknowledges and there are less of them than the left wing feared.  There are still far too many of these noisy pricks juddering around and making everything worse.  They’ve been emboldened by the result and the tone of the two leave campaigns so now, to reign them in, you now have a responsibility to confront them in public.  I know it’s the English way to keep your head down and avoid making a fuss but that has to change.  The racists need to be stopped and you have to do it or we all have to live with these shits forever.  Fuck them and the horse they rode in on.

  The ‘Remain’ Voters.

  ‘I dunno, it’s not perfect but it’s better than the alternative I suppose.’

  The European Nationals Who Already Live Here.

  I am so sorry.  You won’t have to move back to your birthplace but if you decide to I absolutely won’t blame you.  Britain is now a frightening place to live thanks to our useless or irresponsible politicians invoking blood-and-soil nationalism in their squalid games.

  The Campaigns.

  There were four of them in a referendum with two possible outcomes, just to give you an idea of how stupid and feckless this whole exercise was.  A breakdown of each follows.

  David Cameron’s Remain Campaign.

  Leader: David Cameron, an irresponsible pig fucker.

  This campaign trotted out a coalition of bankers and business leaders because they apparently didn’t realise the British people hate them more than anyone else.  Then they threatened people with an emergency budget of even more cuts.  They failed to take the leave campaigns to task for anything they said at any point and never said anything positive about the EU.  They were as dismal and worthless as their counterparts were dishonest and vile.

  Boris Johnson’s Leave Campaign.

  Leader: Boris Johnson, an even more irresponsible careerist, scheming liar and probably also a pig fucker.  He has always been in favour of Britain remaining in the EU and only joined the leave campaign because he thought it would lose and it would help him shore up support in the right of his party in a coming leadership bid.  His power play might have destroyed the United Kingdom.  He knew the risks and he did it anyway.

  This campaign tried to make a fiscal argument for leaving the EU and in order to do so lied through their teeth at every turn.  They rode around in a big bus telling people that the UK spends £350 million per week on the EU and if we left we could instead spend it on the NHS.  The day after the referendum, in fact it may have even been in the morning, they said that would not be possible.  This was not the only lie they told but it was the most glaring and, the history books will say, infamous.  They also promised tighter control of our borders without once saying that in order to retain any kind of trade agreement with Europe we would have to accept free movement of labour anyway.  It probably turned the tide in this referendum and it was, basically all of it, lies.

  Jeremy Corbyn’s Remain Campaign.

  Leader: Jeremy Corbyn, a lovely waffling university lecturer who is incapable of running an effective campaign.  He has famously been vocally in favour of Britain leaving the EU for the last 35 years.  He should not have been in charge of running a campaign for a cause he was passionately opposed to.

  This campaign did nothing of note and part of the reason for that is that the Tories were pulling themselves apart and Labour thought they could make political gains by sitting back and letting it happen.  It was tepid to the point of vapour, failing to speak up for workers or their rights, failing to hold the racism of the fourth campaign to account.  Their complicity and incompetence is as important a factor as everything else and they have brought shame to the Labour party.

  Nigel Farage’s Leave Campaign.

  Leader: Nigel Farage, a disgusting fascist shit smear and criminally narcissistic prick.

  This campaign gleefully invoked the worst aspects of nationalism, racism and nativism in order to win.  It was nominally associated with UKIP, a racist far right party that has somehow managed to convince people it isn’t and that its leader’s previous links with the openly fascist National Front and the implicitly fascist BNP were some sort of youthful high jinks.  They ran a racist campaign with a heavy focus on the dangers of immigration, introducing a poster so vile and race baiting that some people from the other campaigns were finally forced to offer some quiet mutters of disapproval without committing themselves to taking a stand or risking whatever shredded remains of their careers might be left.  At this point in the campaign the fact that nobody from either leave campaign quit or swapped sides tells you that they were either okay with the tone of the campaigns or didn’t understand what was happening.  They’re either completely incompetent or okay with implicitly propping up racism, neither of which are remotely acceptable in western society.  They cannot be allowed any role in shaping our society.

  I know I am often hyperbolic, I know I am often angry, but please understand; this is a worse national crisis than Suez.  It is by far the worst national crisis in my lifetime and it’s certainly not going away soon.  Forget about a quick and easy solution to this, our political parties have no leadership, it’s unclear where the borders of our state actually are and our society is now so deeply polarised and poisoned that I can’t even put it in to words.  It’s frightening, this depth of division is how civil wars start and unless the feckless crowd of bumbling gobshites in Westminster sort themselves out now there are going to be bodies in the streets.  This isn’t exaggeration, there’s been an increase in racist attacks, the economy is collapsing, the mood when you step outside your door feels like hidden knives and nobody trusts each other.  This is Weimar Republic Britain and there’s no end in sight.

  This was an abject, irresponsible failure and the whole thing only happened in the first place because a couple of overgrown schoolboys wanted to one up each other.  The scale of their arrogance, the madness of invoking article 50, the refusal of an opposition leader in whom nobody but his weird cult of personality has any faith to resign, the certainty of a general election which is likely to result in an effective rerun of the referendum and the screaming of the tiny minority of racists who revel in this violence mean that we’re stuck in limbo and I don’t even know what shape this country is any more.  I haven’t even mentioned the looming threat of resurgent Irish republican violence, which is absolutely going to happen again now no matter what, and that’s partly because our political leaders didn’t either.  Can you imagine that?  The IRA are, if we invoke article 50 and leave the UK, going to rearm and start bombing England again almost immediately.  It was very obvious that this would happen in the event of Brexit and yet nobody in the political establishment brought it up.  That includes Jeremy Corbyn, the one person I had thought would at least try to run a respectable campaign.

  There’s no way out.  Everybody involved in this has been shit except most of the voters on both sides.  Today my MP resigned from the front bench and some of Momentum, the cult of personality/supporters of her party leader, posted some of the most disgusting things I’ve ever read about her recent treatment for breast cancer on to her twitter feed.  Fuck Momentum, fuck the Tories, fuck Jeremy Corbyn, fuck David Cameron, fuck Michael Gove, fuck Douglas Carswell, fuck Liam Fox and especially fuck UKIP, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

An open letter to the Sun, The Daily Mail, UKIP, Boris Johnson et al.

Anti-nazi   You lying heap of vacuous cryptofascist shits need to take a long, hard look at yourselves. Yes, I know, the left wing media has effectively given up and scampered away to some dark corner and allowed you to blather as much racist bollocks as you like for years but that has to end now. Right now.

  It’s not okay to talk about ‘waves’ or ‘hordes’ of immigrants coming in to the country, it’s racist. It’s not okay to make up lies or publish context free stories about immigrants being put up in mansions while UK citizens sleep rough, it’s racist. It’s not okay to blame immigration for the financial crisis when it’s the fault of the bankers and tax dodgers that own you, it’s fucking irresponsible and racist.

  It’s not okay to pretend the right wing extremist terrorist who assassinated a left wing MP in the hopes of influencing the EU referendum was a ‘loner’ or just mentally ill, he chose her on purpose and he did it to make a point. An awful, racist point that many of you bastards have been preaching for years.

  It’s not okay not to examine the way you carry on, demonising foreigners and turning this country in to a nation of curtain twitching nimby pricks and feigning innocence when violence breaks out as a result. It’s not okay to mutter something about not politicising a tragedy when it was a political killing carried out by a self described political activist.

  It’s not okay to put up huge posters saying ‘breaking point’ on a picture of a mass of people who “coincidentally” aren’t white. It’s not okay to build a political party on a base of ex BNP filth and National Front nutters and pretend it’s mainstream. It’s not okay to lie and lie and lie about the malign influence of foreign powers and constantly talk in combative terms and be surprised when someone gets hurt. It’s not okay to carry on as before, stoking up racism so your self interested tax dodging owners can pocket another few hundred million. It’s not okay to talk like this happened in a vacuum. It’s not okay to pretend you’re making things better.

  Look at what you’ve done. Look at what you’ve done to us. Open your eyes and look.

Immediate Reaction to the UK Election (or: Why Standing In Front Of A Headstone With Your Ideology Written On It Is A Very Bad Idea).

All right. So. We have just had an election here in Britain and the damned Tories have won it somehow. They defied all expectation, the polls (barring the exit poll, more on that shortly) were catastrophically wrong and there have been a number of surprising results. Time for The AnarchoGoth post-election post-mortem! Party by party, let’s start with;

The Scottish National Party.

They won a crushing, sweeping, overwhelming victory over absolutely everybody. Anybody with half an ear on Scotland in the last few months would have seen this coming but the unionist parties were so obsessed with England and each other that nobody really noticed or gave themselves any breathing space to say or do anything about it. Jim Murphy was made leader of Scottish Labour because Labour thought the mood of Scotland had swung to the centre but after the independence referendum, and the raft of promises all the unionist parties immediately forgot about, they badly misjudged the mood. This was a huge, hard swing to the left and for much greater autonomy, the SNP are not ‘nationalist,’ they are ‘national’ and nobody south of the border was willing to pay attention to that.
Add a general anti-Tory feeling and a seething, nasty, overwhelmingly negative campaign from Scottish Labour and the recipe for disaster was clearly there for Labour. It should be no surprise at all.

The LibDems.

You reap what you sow. A party elected by students, for students at the last election stabbed them in the back. This is no surprise at all and they are now a political irrelevance, I shall waste no more time on these pointless nonentities.

The Green Party.

The Green surge… didn’t. That’s what you get when you can’t even quote your own policies on a friendly radio interview.


No serious pollster had ever suggested they were going to win a great number of seats. One, and from a popular constituency MP who crossed the floor, is a catastrophe for them. Farage, just as I started to type, announced he was stepping down. UKIP are and always have been a one man show, they’re finished. They seem to have taken many, many more votes from disenfranchised Labour voters than from Tories but there are reasons for this. This all leads me to;

Labour vs. The damned Tories.

I shall try to be impartial here. I shall fail, for I am but human.
The warning signs were there if you looked for them but I didn’t and neither did anyone else. The right wing press sprung in to action, as they always do, and front pages warning of the horror of a Lab/SNP coalition smeared everywhere galvanised some sections of society in to frantic, crazy voting. There was a sneering tone to the debate about the SNP in England, suggesting that Scottish people shouldn’t be so unhappy about being told what to do by their English overlords and should simmer down like good little colonials. This strategy, sickeningly, worked brilliantly. Add to that a growing economy (for which I’ve seen little evidence but apparently that’s the case), and an absence of Gove and Osborne on the campaign trail and you have a recipe for Tory success. Social media is clearly not the power all the parties thought it would be.

Minor Notes.

The headstone thing Labour put up was fucking stupid. Really insanely stupid. Bloody stop that sort of thing in future.
Cameron refusing to enter most of the debates was a good move for him.
At least Boris Johnson won’t be Tory leader for a little while longer.
The majority of the Conservatives is slim and beatable, though not easily.
George Galloway losing his seat was fine and dandy.
My constituency went from LibDem to Labour, I’m okay with this.
Labour are the lesser of two evils, this appears to be the mood of their own base (and me, as it happens, but it bodes ill for a party when your supposed ‘supporters’ don’t even really support you).
Bugger. Bugger, damn and bugger again.

A Rising Tide of Bastards.

fireflagThe European elections are over and now everybody has to sit back and as how on earth did it come to this? How did UKIP, of all parties, come first in the European elections in the UK? How did Labour only just scrape in ahead of the Tories four years in to this disastrous coalition? How did so many millions of people look at a ballot paper with UKIP on it and decide to put an ‘x’ next to them? A party of dim witted racist, homophobic xenophobic reactionary bigots led by the sort of bloviating fuckwit you’d edge away from in a pub has done better than every other party. It’s no use, is it? No use complaining about it, time to examine why.

1: Nobody has a clue what the EU is for.
Go on, tell me what the EU does. Don’t be pejorative, don’t say something pithy that doesn’t actually answer the question, I want to hear details about the common agricultural policy or the working time directive without you having to look it up. I already know a bit, because I make it my business to try to understand how I’m governed, but the odds are you have no clue what I’m talking about (and if you do you are a staggering rarity). There are no news crews covering meetings of the European parliament, nobody ever reports new pieces of legislation that aren’t in some way ill judged. The EU has a big, big problem; it’s boring. It’s so boring, in fact, that it becomes dreary to talk about it and the words ‘bureaucrats in Brussels’ are about as exciting as it gets. The only time anyone in any media ever talks about it is when it’s done something stupid or something’s gone wrong so the overwhelming opinion of it is negative. People here in the UK hate the EU but can’t really tell you anything about it. Personally I think it’s got problems but I’d far rather see it fixed than see it destroyed, if I’m going to have to submit to being governed it doesn’t really matter where from as long as I have a say.

2: Recession.
The left does badly in recession, the right makes hay while the sun shines. It’s always been this way; Thatcher, Hitler, McCarthy, Pinochet, these are just some of the right winger who have risen to power in times of financial crisis (and before anyone harps on about Godwin’s law I have to point out that I’m not actually likening Farage to Hitler. Much), When people are growing worse off for reasons they can’t actually see they turn to the right and look for a scapegoat, when they’re being pressed by something or someone they can identify they turn to the left (broadly, there are, of course, exceptions). The EU makes a great scapegoat for the recession and financial slump, bankers simply aren’t getting blamed any more even though it’s their fault.

3: The bay at Boston.
The right in the UK have been in something of a malaise for a while now and it doesn’t look likely to stop at any point soon. Cameron didn’t manage to secure a parliamentary majority after the last election despite going up against Gordon Brown and the old, reactionary policies are dying a death. There are still people out there, however, who think that gay people shouldn’t have equal rights and that foreigners are not to be trusted (amongst other old right wing bugbears) and this has led to a fertile breeding ground for a fourth party. UKIP are the Tea Party of UK politics and I don’t think most politicians here have realised this. They are a grass roots movement full of nutters with a vast number of differing opinions and a taste for shaking up the status quo. None of this would be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that they want to return to an old, dead status quo that died for damned good reasons.

4: Farage.
Let’s be honest; Farage is a charismatic figure. I hate him, I find him and his policies repellent and his manner irritating in the extreme but he has broad appeal because he is a ‘man of the people.’ I have no doubt whatsoever that he enjoys a pint, a smoke and would probably be quite fun at a party (if I wasn’t busy nicking his coat and filling the pockets with ice cream which I’m sure, to be honest, is the least I would do at a party with Nigel). Seeing Miliband conspicuously eat a bacon sandwich or Osborne conspicuously eat a hamburger is pitiful and sad, frankly. You don’t need to be a man of the people to govern effectively and the tired charade of mainstream politicians trying to appear more ‘normal’ (as if there is such a thing) is never going to work when they’re going up against him. They should not be afraid to appear to be clever.

5: Useless, awful, laughable, terrible incompetence.
The two main parties (I would say ‘three’ but I think it’s a bit mean to get the LibDem’s hopes up) have absolutely no appeal to anybody any more. The Tories are by turns incompetent, clueless, out of ideas, grey faced empty vessels and labour are just the same. Policy is almost indistinguishable apart from a couple of headline grabbing bits and bobs and neither side seems willing or eager to capitalise on the rampant gaffs of UKIP. Make no mistake, UKIP are racist, they are homophobic, they are almost certainly corrupt, they are hypocritical, they are liars, they are xenophobes stuck in the early twentieth century and they should be an electoral blip but the sheer, vital emptiness of the two main parties is enough to drive people away. The Tories need to define themselves in a post Thatcher era and Labour need to do or say something. ANYTHING. Right now they’re getting their arses handed to them.

6: Rays of hope.

Not every cloud has a silver lining but this one does. ‘At least we’re not France’ is, unfortunately, not good enough and I am deeply worried about the rise of Front Nationale across the channel but that’s a story for another time. The rays of hope are limited but they’re certainly worth mentioning.

  • With turnout of around 34% and UKIP securing around 27% of votes cast only about 9% of the electorate actually voted for them.

  • The BNP have no seats any more.

  • The LibDems have reaped some of what they have sown.

  • The Greens did rather well in terms of vote share across the UK (though this did not translate in to seats, even in the PR system).

  • Many voters, according to canvassers, wanted to send the main parties a message, they have certainly done that.

  • The Tories came in third place in a national poll for the first time in their entire history.

  • UKIP can’t actually get the UK to leave the EU without getting seats in parliament.

All we have to do now is put up with seeing Farage’s face all over the place for ages. Much as we have for the last month or so. I was going to write a bit about the press and how they’ve given huge, disproportionate coverage to UKIP and Farage but it was so massive and overwhelming that I would have ended up typing a stream of swearwords with the occasional UKIP member’s name thrown in there as well.

We need to talk about UKIP.

He always seems happy, 'Strength through Joy' eh, Nigel?
He always seems happy, ‘Strength through Joy’ eh, Nigel?

We need to talk about UKIP. I know, you probably don’t want to. Either you like them, in which case you probably don’t want to hear anything bad about them, or you don’t, in which case you find them to be a bit of a depressing subject. They’re not depressing though, they’re frightening.
They’ve been slithering to the right lately, less afraid to show their true colours. The latest little incident was Farage’s assertion that he thinks most people would be concerned if a group of Romanians moved in next door and his implication that this is somehow a reasonable reaction. It’s not.
Reviewing their past few months, as they’ve moved from a party of rightly mocked outsiders to being a party with serious prospects, is a chilling experience. Some of it has been blown out of proportion, the meaning of the word ‘slut’ has changed enormously since Godfrey Bloom grew up (it would have meant messy/lazy, it had no gender application and was derived from ‘sloven’) and in its older incarnation would have been a reasonably amusing little quip to the WI for example. But for every misunderstanding there is a terrifying undercurrent of the politics of Mosley and Powell. Godfrey Bloom could probably have survived his misstep if he had apologised, talked about archaic language and the way things have changed and left it at that. The problem was everything else that happened at that time. His use of the racist phrase ‘Bongo Bongo Land’ and the fact his reaction to reasonable questions about the lack of diversity in party campaign leaflets was to hit reporter Michael Crick in the face sealed his doom.
At least the above is what I thought while it was playing out. Now I’m not so sure. Imagine if these extraordinary scenes were instigated by someone from one of the main parties, imagine if Vince Cable had called the WI ‘sluts’ or if Ed Balls had slapped a reporter with a rolled up election leaflet, would it have taken long for the whip to be withdrawn? If George Osbourne complained about foreign aid going to ‘Bongo Bongo Land’ this cabinet would render itself unelectable in its frenzy to denounce him. As much as it pains me to pay even the most back handed of accidental compliments to the fucking tories I do have to admit that in this case they have more honour than UKIP.
Then there are the other little things that sneak in under the radar, the insidious little bleating bouts of bigotry that hurtle from the party faithful. Here a councillor photographed giving a nazi salute, there a major party donor saying a man is entitled to rape his wife, and in the middle of it all squats Farage’s idiot grin. He says he’s ‘sorry’ he said what he said, that he was ‘tired,’ as if tiredness makes you racist.
It’s not good enough. It’s not. I’m white, male and English and I’m afraid of UKIP, the Gods alone know what people in this country born without my privilege must be feeling. UKIP talk about a ‘people’s army’ on their posters and demonise immigrants, they paint themselves as heroic figures defending against the barbaric hordes of eastern Europeans who singularly fail to materialise even while the head of their youth wing (because of course they have a youth wing) leaves and denounces them as racist. Their mask slips, their homophobia manifests as a paranoid councillor tells the world Britain is flooding because gay people can marry the people they love. They are growing more militant.
The EU is an imperfect institution and there is probably a good argument, which I would disagree with, to be made in favour of leaving it. If that interests you, if that’s your political concern, then that’s fine. UKIP are not the instrument to use for it though, they are not to be trusted, they are and always have been fascists in sheep’s clothing.